Agriculture in Nepal.Agriculture in Nepal essay,What is the scope of agriculture in Nepal?

Nepal is an agricultural country. Many people live in the valley. They all depend on agriculture More than 70% of the population is farmers. Agriculture is the backbone of the country and the economy Agriculture is very important. They support our daily diet. The progress of our country depends on agriculture. It speeds up the pace of development.

 There are many causes for agricultural collapse. Nepalese farmers rely on the rainy season to irrigate and grow their crops. Heavy rain washes away at high temperatures. Farmers have ideas on how to get rid of them. Irrigation problems are great. Farmers do not have advanced seeds and chemical fertilizers that follow an old and unscientific farming method. They use illegal tools. Transportation problem Many trained farmers do not have good books, Biijkets abd knowledge of farming They lack money. The issue of land tenure is highly controversial.

There are some steps to improve agriculture. Government must pay close attention to the agricultural situation. Irrigation system should be improved. The government should emphasize scientific farming. There must be an improvement in land use. Farmers should be aware of their farming practices. Agrinomisis Must submit to the site.

Nation development depends on agriculture. IF agriculture is good the situation of farmers can be improved. Agriculture is a big job for the people of Nepal. About seventy percent of the people here are farmers and farmers Therefore, the country's economy depends on agriculture. Farmers and farmers live in mountainous towns and plains. Their clothing The language and social customs vary from place to place.

Most farmers in Nepal are in poor condition. Despite working hard in the country, they do not even have enough food. They are always surrounded by problems. The situation of farmers is very bad. They live in small diry houses and wear jeans in the name of clothing. They do not know about the importance of sanitation and clean drinking water. \Sick farmers who cannot get proper treatment over time many of them have to leave their children in schools Due to poverty. Some of them are too poor to send their children to school.

The agricultural output of our farmers is unsatisfactory despite their hard work on the farm from morning to evening. They usually use the traditional sof farmign method They do not have advanced seeds and chemicals Fertilizer Irrigation is a common problem. Many farmers have to rely on rain. 

Nepal Agriulture

However, Steps have been taken by the government to improve the situation of our farmers and farmers. Agricultural Development Banks and Heop Rural Development Banks receive low interest loans that farmers pay off gradually.

Nepal Agriulture