A Practical Report on Error Analysis// B.Ed.First year [course No.416] Practical sample of B.Ed First Air English subject.



A Practical Report on Error Analysis


In Partial Fulfilment of practical work

Foundation of Language and Linguistics

[Course No. 416]

B.Ed. First-year

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This report on error analysis has been carried on the partial fulfillment of the Foundation of language and linguistics ( Course no 416)  The report ground with the primary data consists of your chapters.


The first chapter deals with the introductory chapter meaning and defines the objectives and limitations of the study are included in this chapter. The second chapter deals with methodology. Sources of data and sampling procedures are included in this chapter. Similarly, the third chapter deals with the analysis and interpretation of data Different stages of errors are described in this chapter. Finally, the fourth chapter deals with a conclusion. Findings and recommendations.

This Research will be helpful for the teachers, researchers, students, and the language teachers and learners.










I Would like to thank sincerely to  the Department of English Language Education Of Himshikhar Multiple Campus for giving me an opportunity to prepare this report.


I am very happy to express my sincere gratitude to my report writing guide Mr. Lal Bahadur khadka and other teachers of the campus. I appreciate their constant guidance, ideas, valuable suggestions, and co-operations in preparing this report.


I'd also like to extend thanks to my friends who encourage and supported me during my research work. Finally, I am very much indebted to all teachers and colleagues who helped me during this report.



Khadka Prasad sharma









Contents                                                                        Page.

1.   Introduction

2.   Objectives Of the Study                                                 1

3.   Methodology                                                                 1

·                   Sources of Data                                           1

·                   Sampling Procedures                                   2

·                   Tools For Data Collection                           2

·            Analysis of the Data                                                                 2

4.1 Recognition of the Errors                                 2

4.2         Description of the Errors                                2

4.3         Explanation of the Errors                                3

4.4         Correction of Errors                                        3

5            Finding                                                                                      3

6            Recommendations                                                                    3

References                                                                      4

Sampling Essays                                                             4



An error is committed on the competence level by the non-native speakers due to various linguistics reasons. These errors occur regularly, Therefore, an analysis of the errors is very important to describe, classify, and correction of them. EA provides the techniques for remedial teaching.


In this analysis, the errors committed in course of using tense, article, degree of adjectives, quantifier and subject-verb agreement by the seventh-grade students who are taken as data of the analysis. after finding out the root courses of committing the errors, some recommendations are suggested for remedial teaching.


·      Objectives of the study

The objectives of analyzing the errors are as follow:

v To find out the cause of the errors committed by the learners.

v To provide them required help to overcome the committed errors.

v To pinpoint Some pedagogical implications.


·      Methodology

3.1 Sources of Data

Both primary and secondary data were used to complete the study.





·                   Primary Source

The study was mainly based on the primary sources of data i.e. the students of grade seven studying in Shikhar Higher secondary school Ramghat, Surkhet. They were selected for the completion of the study.


·                   Secondary Source.

Different books, journals old written reports and related articles were the secondary sources of data.


3.2        Sampling Procedure

Five students of the grade Six out of 55 students were selected  from the above-mentioned school. A random sampling procurer was applied for data collection. They were given a the task for writing an essay on " Town Life" within 22 minutes time limitation.


3.3        Tools for Data Collection

The test task of writing an Essay was the tool of data collection. The full mark of the  text  was 12.


4           Analysis of the Data.

After Checking the test paper the result was analyzed  in the following way.




.1              Recognition of the Errors.


1.   Transportaion

2.   Comunication

3.   Aight

4.   Seme

5.   Pipul

6.   Meny

7.   Qoalifiad

8.   From

9.   Stady

10.                     Agen

11.                     Larning

12.                     Proses

13.                     Devalopment

14.                     Communition

15.                     Lajary



.2              Description of the Errors.


1.   Transportaion               = Spelling Errors.   

2.   Comunication                = Spelling and carelessness.

3.   Aight                               = Spelling and carelessness.

4.   Seme                               = Spelling and carelessness.

5.   Pipul                               = Spelling and carelessness.

6.   Meny                              = Spelling and carelessness.

7.   Qoalifiad                        = Spelling and carelessness.

8.   From                               = Spelling and carelessness.

9.   Stady                              = Spelling and carelessness.

10.                     Agen                       = Spelling and carelessness.

11.                     Larning                  = Spelling and carelessness.

12.                     Proses                     = Spelling and carelessness.

13.                     Devalopment         = Spelling and carelessness.

14.                     Communition        = Spelling and carelessness.

15.                     Lajary                    = Spelling and carelessness.


.3              Correction of Errors

Error Word

Correct word
































.4               Explanation of the Errors


·       This kind of error is seen when the students do not have knowledge and information on how to pronounce English, how to form words.


·       This problem has been seen even when the students are weak in English grammar.


·       When students do not know the meaning of English words well.


·       When students do not know which words, pronunciations, and symbols are used in which place, it is not known.


·       Also, students do not have the habit of reading continuous lessons.




The followings are the finding of the study :

1.   Errors in punctuation

2.   Errors in Passive Construction

3.   Errors in Concord

4.   Errors in Overgeneralization

5.   Errors in the sentence structure of English.



·                   Recommendations

·       Students Centered methods and activities should be encouraged so that students are highly attentive to English Classes.

·       Focus should be given on spelling and punctuation.

·       Active-passive Transformation should be given due emphasis on teaching.

·       Sufficient practice should be provided for sentence patterns.

·       Sub-verb agreement should be given due emphasis in teaching.

·       The teaching may involve the students through the inductive method in grammar practice.



(Note: To the Examiners along with this research report, attach a sample essay written by a student under the appendix Selection.



The  town is the area which has got the facilities of education electricity trasportaion communication and so on there are fifty aight towns in Nepal town life is the essay line. There are many faclities of town life. It Has many advantages and for the seme reason pipul do like this life very much.

There are many good schools for the students to study not only this there also meny  highly trained and qoalifiad teachar in the school for them form each and every sides for further stady, there are agen many good colege. The method of larning and teaching proses is also highly development.

The development of electricity and different  mins of commination have added more lajary for the people of the city life. People of a country can cantact people of the another country with the help of telephone Enternet.


Student: Anita sunar..

Class: six.