Madhav prasad Ghimire.

short Biography

The Nation Poet.

Birth                    :                  ashoj 7,1976

Place of Birth     :                  Pustun village Lamjung district,Gandaki Zone

Parents                                 Gaurishanker and Draupadi Ghimire

Education            :                  Bachelor in Sanskrit

Occupational      :                  Assistant Editor for Gorkhapatra.

Involvement                        National daily (2002),

-         Chancellor for National Academy (2004),

-         Vice- chancellor for national Academy,

-         Member for National Academy,

Publications        :                  Poetry: Nawamanjari and Ghampani

Lyrical Ballads: Kinnarkinnari,Sunpankhi chari

Epics:,Gauri,Papini,Aama,Rajeshwari,Rastra Nirmata,Dhartimata.

Plays: Sakuntala,Malatimangale,Aswasthama

Award        :                            Awarded with the title of "Nation poet"

DidYou Know:            -Composing the poetry making basement to nature,human and goods,

-Composing the poetry in rhyme and prosody,

-More contribution to the child literature,

-Expression on changes of human mind and thoughts with the change of nature,

-Still in creation of epics following the romanticism in the advanced language.

National poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire has passed away from today. With his demise, an era of Nepali literature has come to an end. A patriotic soldier who immortalized the nation, nationality and Nepali literature through poetry and poetry has come to an end. With the demise of national poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire, an era of Nepali literature has come to an end. Ghimire, who has succeeded in creating a distinct identity of modern times in the history of Nepali literature, is now confined to memories. National poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire has died at the age of 101 on Tuesday. With his demise, the country is in mourning. Literary writers say that with the demise of the writer who wrote in the style of Romanticism and sophistication, great damage has been done in the field of literature.Ghimire, who considers love as an achievement of life, passed away at his residence in Lanchaur around 5:30 pm on Tuesday. National poet Madhav Prasad Ghimir has made a special contribution to Nepali literature. He was also the patriarch of the then Nepal State Academy. Ghimire, who was also the patriarch of the then Nepal State Intellectual Academy, was awarded the title of National Poet in 2060 BS. His works include Gauri, Rajeshwari, Indra Kumari, Rashtranirmata Khandakavya, Malati Mangale Geetinatak and others. The national poet Ghimire is known not only as a poet but also as a song writer. Poets say that there is sweetness in his songs and elegance in his words. Literary celebrities also say that his successful poet was a successful lyricist and a successful playwright. Meanwhile, remembering the national poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire, the young poet Sudesh Satyal said that the national poet Ghimire was not only a writer who wrote romanticist and sophisticated style but he was also an eminent person of the literary world. Poet Satyal expressed his commitment to follow the path shown by the national poet Ghimire in appreciation of his contribution. He said that it would be a true tribute to him if he could follow the path led by the national poet. Especially in his writings, love of nature and nature and life are presented together. Today, the younger generation in any field needs to learn from his activism and make life dynamic and creative. With the demise of national poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire, the entire Nepali literature has become an orphan. Ghimire, who made the Nepali literary sky bright through his lifelong literary creation, passed away on Tuesday. From his whole life, today's youth in every field need to take inspiration for activism and creativity. National poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire was born in B.C. It happened on 7th September, 1976. He was born in Pustun village of Lamjung district. His mother died within three years of his birth. National poet Ghimire, who knew the alphabet when he was 6 years old, had studied Panchagam with Phule Baba of the village when he was 9 years old. Leaving home at the age of 11, he passed the Sanskrit Pathshala of Duradanda (Lamjung) village and reached Sanskrit Pradhan Pathshala and Tindhara Sanskrit Pathshala in Ranipokhari, Kathmandu. He then went to Benares for further studies. Ghimire holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy from Queen's University, Benares, India. Ghimire B.Sc. He was also the co-editor of Gorkhapatra in 2005 BS. After passing the first section of Shastri from Banaras, B.Sc. In the year 1998, he got the post of writer with a monthly salary of Rs. 25 from the Language Translation Council. In 2001, he worked as an assistant editor of Gorkhapatra daily with a monthly salary of Rs 40. He is a B.Sc. He was a member of the Poetry Foundation formed in 2010 BS under the chairmanship of Laxmi Prasad Devkota for four years. He is a B.Sc. He returned to Lamjung in 2008 BS and became the headmaster of a secondary school. Among other popular songs of Ghimire, composer of popular national anthem 'Gaunch Geet Nepali', singer Tara Devi has given voice in 'Phool Ko Thunga Bager Gayo' and Swarsamrat Narayan Gopal has given voice in 'Aajai Ra Raati Ke Dekhein Sapna'. He is a B.Sc. After becoming a member of Nepal State Pragya Pratisthan in 2014 BS, he became a life member, vice chancellor and patriarch and remained active in the Pragya Pratisthan for a long time. Ghimire is a skilled Nepali writer, poet and lyricist with a romanticist and sophisticated style. Ghimire, who devoted his entire life to the development of Nepali literature, used to play lots in various genres of literature from his childhood, including poetry, prose, lyric drama, story, translation and writing. Especially in his writings, love of nature and nature and life are presented together. His works include Nawa Manjari, Gauri (mourning poem), Malati Mangale (lyric drama), Himalpari Himalwari (lyric drama), Rajeshwari, Indrakumari, Rashtranirmata, Kinnar-Kinnari (song collection), Charu Charcha (essay, own flute own song (essay)). His first work, Nav Manjari, was published in 1994 BS. Since then, he has been continuously engaged in literary pursuits.Is given. He v. No. In the year 2067 BS, he was awarded the Padyashree Sadhana Samman Award. Similarly, he was awarded the Maha Ujwal Medal in 2075 BS. In the year 2054 BS, he received the common award for his work "Himalpari Himalwari" and in the year 2058 BS, he received the common award for his work "Charu Charcha". Ghimire, who was active in literature till the last moment of his life, passed away in B.C. He passed away at the age of 101 on Tuesday, September 20, 2077 at his residence in Lanchaur, Kathmandu. Deputy Prime Minister Ishwor Pokharel hoisted the national flag and paid tribute to him. Top personalities of various fields have expressed their grief over his demise and the tower of the entire Nepali literary world has collapsed. The literary world is orphaned and in mourning. However, there is a law of nature to die after birth. He died and became immortal. You will live forever from your creation. Today's young generation in any field also needs to learn from his activism and make life dynamic and creative. National poet Madhav Ghimire lived to be 101 years old. Throughout his life he actively engaged in the service of literature and creation. His contribution has taken Nepali literature to great heights. The works he gave to literature will live on. They will live forever. The next generation, no matter how old, is lazy to be creative and creative today. They should be able to take inspiration from Ghimire's biography. What is Sadhana in life? What is activism? What is diligence? The new generation should be inspired by the biography of the national poet.