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My Projects Plan.

 What is a plan? Highlight its importance?

= An advance blueprint plan made by setting a definite objective, goal, policy, strategy and allocating a certain amount of time according to the resources of the country.
= Its main objective is to develop the entire country by giving the desired speed to the development activities.
The scheme started in 1928 with Russia's "Papateleka" scheme.
= In Nepal, the journey of the plan started from 2013 and now the basis of the 15th plan has been prepared.
The importance of planning
- To complete development programs with specific goals and objectives in a timely manner
- To fill the gap of minimum resources and maximum requirements
- To address the demands of the people
- To make the present and future development plan oriented from the education of the past
- To end the practice of allocating budget unnecessarily by allocating budget on the basis of programs
- To fulfill the preconditions of the welfare state by protecting human rights
- To achieve maximum achievement at minimum cost
- To meet the cost and resource gap of the developed project
- To make a participatory plan without allowing the capital budget to be frozen
In the end
- Planning is at the heart of the country's development, functional, knowledge-centered and prosperous economic development.


· Planning is the process by which an individual or organization decides in advance for some future course of action.
What to do in the future to achieve certain objectives? How to do The act of preparing an outline in advance is called planning.
· Planning is the conscious process of selecting and developing the best course of action to accomplish an objective.
It is a prudent process to select and develop the best methodology for fulfilling the objective.
· Planning is deciding in advance about what to do, how to do and when to do it? It provides needs to be achieved.
· Bridge between present situations to desired destination.
· Road Map to National Development
Process of achieving purposes and objectives
Process of transferring principles into action
Stages of Planning
- Goal setting (need identification)
- Identification of options
- Development of options
- Evaluation of options
- Comparison of options
- Choosing the best option
- Plan decision
- Implementation of the plan
- Regular monitoring and evaluation
- Mid-term review
- Backing up
- Future policy direction ready